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Private Wealth

At Altervest we seek to build a private wealth portfolio better adapted to current market conditions. Interest rates near a 50 year low cripples traditionnal portfolio management. Many traditionnal fixed income investments have a negative real return rate and fail to offset the impact of inflation on your portfolio. Stock markets around the world could eventually suffer from the consequences of over indebtedness levels of developed markets. Is your portfolio well equipped to face thougher market conditions? At Altervest we use our knowledge of alternative investments to improve your portfolio diversification and help face more volatile markets. 

Private Wealth

Description of strategy

Our private wealth portfolio offers a balanced portfolio that includes alternative investments. We believe alternative investments improve portfolio diversification. Altervest’s Private Wealth portfolio seeks to outperform financial markets in the long term while focusing of capital preservations and tax efficiency. Some of our Altervest products are exclusive to our private wealth clientele.

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Registered accounts only.

General information
Portfolio manager: Altervest
Broker: National Bank Independent Network
Management fees: 1,0%
Availability: Managed account
Registered accounts: Yes