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Founded in 2010, Altervest is a portfolio management firm who's expertise is to integrate alternative investments in traditionnal portfolios.

Our objective is to cater to our private wealth clients' investment needs while maintaining a high standard of client servicing.

We seek to build a portfolio that is adapted to your needs. Through alternative investments we are looking to build The aim is to offer high quality products focused on capital preservation while maintaining attractive returns.

Based in Montreal, our investment management firm hopes to contribute to developing the skills of our local portfolio managers.

Our Vision

Integrating alternative investments in a portfolio targets a better diversification while seeking to maintain attractive returns. In our opinion, alternative investments are essential to navigate in more volatile markets.


At Altervest, we believe that integrating alternative investments in traditionnal portfolios is part of a sound management approach. We seek to increase alternative investments awareness and educate investors of their positive impact on portfolio diversification. We want to make alternative investments more accessible.


Management team

Geneviève Blouin, CFA,CMT

Geneviève Blouin, CFA,CMT

President and Founder
Private Wealth & High Octane Fund

Alexandre Legault Frenette

Alexandre Legault Frenette

Portfolio manager for HV&Q (Alternative international equities)